Monday, October 31, 2016

Spotlight: Dulquer Salman

I watched this YouTube video a few days ago, and wanted to share it here. It's a well-made video. A tribute to Dulquer Salman by a fan.

I will be the first to admit that I'm prejudiced against Dulquer Salman. In my mind, currently there are two superstars among the younger generation of Malayalam actors --  Nivin Pauly and Dulquer Salman. During the Mammootty vs. Mohanlal era, I was squarely in the Mohanlal camp. And now I'm pretty much in the Nivin camp.

My bias against Dulquer stems from how he entered the industry -- he clearly took advantage of his father's celebrity and connections. There are so many people who struggle for years and never make it. But he just waltzes in and becomes a star overnight. I've always been the type who roots for the underdog, so that makes it difficult for me to root for Dulquer Salman.

He also doesn't speak Malayalam fluently (at least in interviews and stage shows), and that is also a sore point for me.

That being said, I've been really impressed with him so far. He has a knack for choosing scripts. So far, I've enjoyed every movie of his that I've seen. He is not an awesome actor, but he comes across as genuine. He has a good sense of his strengths and weaknesses as an actor. Every role he's chosen so far have been a good fit for him.  (Well almost... I didn't think that "Charlie" was a good fit for him. I don't think that he deserved the state award for that role. I think the jury was confusing the character with the actor. "Charlie" the character was award-worthy, but I don't believe that Dulquer did full justice to the role. Charlie, the character, had elements of Zorba, from the novel "Zorba the Greek". Nomadic characters like that live on the edge of madness, and that was lacking in Dulquer's portrayal.)

In addition to his knack for choosing good scripts, he seems to have won over all his coworkers in the industry. He is known for being down to earth, hardworking, very passionate about cinema, and dedicated to his craft.

Dulquer Salman has worked hard to earn the trust and admiration of Malayalam cinema fans like myself. He may have "cheated" to get in, but he's not taking his good fortune for granted. That's definitely something I can admire.

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