Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Actresses Still Going Strong Past 30

This YouTube video talks about four superstar South Indian actresses: Nayanthara, Trisha, Anushka, and Kajal Aggarwal who are all over 30 and are still the reigning top female stars in South Indian films.

I was really excited to see this, because it is such a positive development. It means that beauty concepts in South India are starting to shift. Actresses past 30 are no longer automatically rejected as being too old to be a heroine. They are not second rate actresses either. They are the leads in some of the biggest movies being made, and acting with the biggest stars.

This is good news for women in India, because it causes an important shift in people's psyche. Women of the previous generation really believed that once they got married (in their early twenties), their life was on the decline. A close female relative once said to me, "Once a woman hits 40, her life is almost over; beauty is gone... health starts to fail... Look at me, I'm fifty and I'm good for nothing." I reminded her that Hillary Clinton, who was in her first Presidential race at the time, was in her 60s. She nodded, but it was almost as if she considered white women to be on a different planet. What works for them will not work for us.

This change in Indian society's attitude toward actresses is definitely positive. I hope that it will translate to a more optimistic outlook on life for the current and future generations of Indian women.

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