Thursday, September 29, 2016

Jacobinte Swargarajyam: Great First Half, Bland Second Half

Director: Vineeth Sreenivasan
Cast: Renji Panicker, Nivin Pauly, Sreenath Bhasi
Year: 2016

After I watched the trailer of Jacobinte Swargarajyam, I was really intrigued. I knew from reading some previews that the story was about a son who took over the burdens of his family after something happened to his dad. I didn't know whether the dad had died, or if it was something else. Since I knew I wanted to watch the movie, I didn't want to ruin the element of surprise by checking out the plot details prior to watching the movie.

The first half of the movie definitely matched the energy of the trailer. The casting was superb. The chemistry between the family members was superb. It really felt like they were a real family. It was kinda weird to see Sreenath Bhasi doing such a morose, withdrawn character though. I am so used to seeing him in comic roles.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Is Vineeth Sreenivasan Better Than Yesudas?

Let me begin by apologizing for the title. I realize that it's almost sacriligeous to compare a legend like Yesudas to a young singer like Vineeth Sreenivasan. Yesudas is undoubtedly a virtuoso singer with phenomenal technical ability and a voice that has often been compared to God's. It is unfair to even compare Vineeth to Yesudas in that sense. I am also as much a Yesudas fan as anyone else in Kerala.

However, there is a purpose to the question that's the title of this blog (besides attention grabbing). This morning I listened to the classic song "Pavizhamalli Poothulanja Neela Vanam" for the hundredth time. On the YouTube search results I happened to also see Vineeth Sreenivasan's new remix, which I had never heard before. When I listened to that, I just thought, "Wow, that's way better than the original!" I just wanted to stop what I was doing and close my eyes. I had the same feeling when I first heard Vineeth's rendition of "Aayiram Kannumai".  Am I the only one who's felt that?