Monday, December 12, 2011

Critics: 'Beautiful' is a Winner

Director: V. K. Prakash
Cast: Jayasurya, Anoop Menon, Meghna Raj
Year: 2011

The critics are all unanimous in their praise for the V.K. Prakash directed, Anoop Menon scripted movie Beautiful. While some point to a few problems with the script, overall the movie has been well received and Prakash's narrative style is roundly praised.

Here is a look at the reviews from the major sites:

After much stroll around inconsequential scripts, director V K Prakash is finally into one that will give him that much elusive winner.
Yes, Anoop Menon has scored heavily once again with his scripting and acting in the new movie 'Beautiful', which is indeed beautiful in all counts.   
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V K Prakash's 'Beautiful' is a slickly conceptualized film, which is more of an evocation of the human desire dynamics at work. The brilliant visual composition and the thematic rumination that it offers makes 'Beautiful' live up to its title in all possible ways.
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Beautiful has its own flaws and is far from perfect but needs to be appreciated for its courage to experiment.
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On the whole, V K Prakash-directed Beautiful can be considered a significant milestone in the revival of Malayalam cinema.
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While Anoop Menon's writing and VK's direction have disappointed in the past, it seems that as a team they've produced a winner. Can't wait to see it!

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