Thursday, December 1, 2011

Casanovva: Another Teja Bhai?

Director: Rosshan Andrrews
Cast: Mohanlal, a bunch of beautiful women, a gang of young men played by no-name actors

Casanovva -- probably one of the most eagerly awaited Mohanlal movies in recent times. The two v's in the title, in case you didn't know, is just the numerology crazy director's way of trying to bring some good luck to the movie. I think he's going to really need it. The trailer has been released and it appears to be another one of "those" movies.

By "those" I mean the Teja Bhai genre of movies, catering to the hormone-driven youth. The testosterone level in Casanovva is Teja Bhai times ten. The main attraction of this movie seems to be women -- plenty of them. Young, beautiful, and nearly naked.

Look at this picture:
Almost looks like a scene from a porn movie.

If this movie had Mohanlal in his prime (about 10 years ago), it might have been more palatable. But now it just looks embarassing. I can't imagine that anyone other than middle-aged malayali men would enjoy seeing such scenes. It's just flat-out gross.

I've enjoyed all of Rosshan Andrrew's movies so far. So I'll probably give him the benefit of the doubt and watch Casanovva.

However, unless the trailer was culled from a couple of songs, I predict that Casanovva will turn out to be just another Teja Bhai.

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