Saturday, November 12, 2011

Remake Idea: Aaraam Thampuran

No, I'm not crazy. I have no wish to see that stupid movie again. But wouldn't it be fun to see a parody of that "classic"? As the viewers in Kerala are starting to reject superhero movies from our superstars, the time is ripe for such a parody.

I envision a movie titled Ezham Thampuratti (ഏഴാം തമ്പുരാട്ടി), starring Urvashi. Almost all of the scenes and "memorable" dialogues from the original should be repeated. Some modifications would be necessary to suit a strong female character, of course, but that should be easy enough.

It would be hilarious to see Urvashi romancing a much younger, poor boy (i.e., a male version of Manju Warrier) who looks up to her as a savior.

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