Friday, November 18, 2011

Mammootty has no faith in his son Dulquar

Have you visited IndiaGlitz lately? Did you have a promo of Dulquar Salman's new movie launch shoved in your face.

I was blessed with such an experience recently. You couldn't get to the main IG Malayalam page without first seeing an ad about Dulquar's movie launch supposedly being shown live on IG. If you wanna read all about it, go here.

My first reaction was, who the f**k is Dulquar Salman? I quickly learned that his claim to fame is that he's Mammootty's son.

Apparently Mammootty has no faith in his son's abilities. If he did, he wouldn't have used this route to launch his son's career. What does he expect? That his son should be a superstar from the get-go? Is "mega" star Mammootty worried that his own image will be tarnished if his son plays second fiddle to a Prithviraj or Jayasurya? Or, heaven forbid, if he should play a villain!

It doesn't bode well for Dulquar's future to have such a lavish media event for his debut movie, and for the tagline to be "Mammootty's Son". I don't know about you, but my natural reaction is, if an actor doesn't have enough faith in his own abilities, then he's not worth my time.

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